24. February 2017

Hanhart on the Route of German Manufactories

The “Deutsche Manufakturenstraße” (translated: German Manufactory Road) is an almost 2,500 km long adventure road, which leads you along the four main routes to the most important manufactures in Germany. The routes extends from the Baltic Sea to the Lake Constance, touching all 16 federal states.
19. January 2017

A fantastic 15th position for Stephan Schott!

The Hanhart team with “Mr. Consistency” Stephan Schott, his co-driver Paul Fiúza and their X-Raid MINI All4Racing took a legit 15th position at this year’s Rally Dakar in South America. Thus, Schott has already completed the most important off-road race worldwide for the eighth time! 
28. November 2016

Ready for the 39th Dakar Rally

We’re almost there – only one month left until the start of the Dakar Rally in January 2017. Stephan Schott will compete with his brand new Hanhart MINI for the ninth consecutive time in South America, where the Dakar Rally will start on 2 January 2017 in Asunción, the capital of Paraguay.
7. October 2016

Hanhart at the Munichtime 2016

During the last weekend of October, the Munichtime took place at the Hotel Bayerischer Hof Munich. From Friday 28th to Sunday 30th October 2016, watch enthusiasts from near and far had the opportunity to experience the finest watches and watchmaking innovations of the present on an exhibition area of 1,400 square meters.
29. September 2016

Hanhart watch manufactory Gütenbach

Tradition and Know-How since 1882 As a small watch shop was opened in the Swiss town of Diessenhofen in 1882, it was not known yet that Hanhart was going to be Europe’s largest producer and market leader in the field of mechanical stopwatches as well as a big player in the German watchmaking industry.
22. August 2016

Hanhart now available in Australia and New Zealand

Hanhart chronographs are from now on also available in Australia and New Zealand. In early August, Hanhart signed an agreement with Define Watches, the largest Australian retailer for independent watch brands from the German-speaking countries.
8. July 2016

The new Hanhart catalogue is available!

The new Hanhart catalogue can be flicked through online or ordered as a printed copy here.
17. June 2016

Hanhart chronograph movements

They always fascinate watch lovers with its complications. They are the decisive buying incentive for a chronograph and as mechanical energy stores they always ensure reliable precision, even for a lifetime or longer. Its mechanism impresses with its complexity and its numerous components inside the watch: the mechanical movements.
30. May 2016

Hanhart at the WatchBuys Road Shows in the USA

After we have been in New York last year, our North American distribution partner WatchBuys will present the Hanhart Collection at their next Road Shows in San Francisco, New York, Irvine/California, Chicago and Washington DC again!