To ensure that your watch functions correctly and maintains its impeccable appearance for many years, we recommend that you bear the following points in mind.


The water resistance of your watch may gradually reduce as the gaskets deteriorate with age, or as a result of accidental impact damage to the crown. We therefore recommend that you have the water resistance of your watch checked once a year at an approved Hanhart service centre.


To prevent water from getting into the watch movement, always push the crown back into its neutral position on watch models without a screw-in crown. If your watch has a screw-in crown, screw the crown into place carefully to avoid damaging the screw thread. Do not press the chronograph button under water, as it cannot be completely guaranteed that water will not get into the watch movement.


Avoid the magnetic fields to which we are all exposed every day (e.g. microwaves, television, loudspeakers, locking systems on handbags, etc.).


Avoid bringing your watch into direct contact with solvents, cleaning agents, perfumes and cosmetics, etc. Products of this kind can cause damage to the strap, the watch case or the gaskets.


Protect your watch from impacts and exposure to intense light and sunlight.


Metal bracelets and rubber straps can be cleaned using a toothbrush and soapy water, and dried with a soft cloth.


Leather is a natural, porous material. You should therefore avoid allowing a top-quality leather strap to come into contact with oils, solvents and cleaning products or cosmetics. By doing so, you can prevent discolorations or premature ageing of the material.

In everyday use, a wristwatch is subjected to many different strains and stresses, such as vibrations, impacts, dust, water, UV radiation or fluctuations in temperature. Therefore we recommend to have a complete service carried out approximately every three to six years.


We recommend to carry out a complete service every three to six years. After removing the wristband and opening the case, the watchmaker carefully dismantles the movement into its individual parts and examines each component for damage and repairs or replaces it as necessary.

Once the tests and functional controls of the movement and case have been completed successfully, and the all components of the watch have been cleaned professionally, the watch is ready to be returned to the customer.

Care tips for your coated watch (PVD & ADLC)

1. First, the coating (PVD & ADLC) is a thin layer that is added to a regular stainless steel case with a special process. The coating is harder and more corrosion resistant than steel, it has a high temperature and good impact strength, excellent abrasion resistance and is therefore in general very durable.
2. However, as described before, it is a thin layer. Like with any watch try to avoid the watch falling down or any strong impacts.
3. It is not uncommon to see a slight change in color over time.
4. For cleaning always hand wash the watch in a gentle way to keep the brand new shine. Avoid scouring pads, microfiber cloths, bleach, and never use soda.
5. If possible, clean the watch after wearing it to remove sweat and any other residues. Salts and acids can damage the watch.
6. Don’t let your watch soak.  We recommend cleaning the coated parts with liquid hand detergent and rinsing them immediately with cold water. Dry the watch after washing and cleaning with a soft cloth.
7. Avoid washing the watch at a temperature higher than 40° Celsius.
8. We strongly recommend avoiding body lotion and / or perfume near the watch. Such stress can change the coated color and damage the watch.


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