417 ES

The reissue of our Hanhart 417 ES marks the return of a legend among wristwatches. More than 60 years ago, its historic model served as the first pilot’s chronograph for the German armed forces. Today it combines the best design of the history with the most modern production techniques of our time. The result: a robust chronograph with an exciting history for everyday life and adventure.


Simply and elegant: The new PIONEER Silva

Silva: the Latin word for forest describes the origin of the new model, which from now  on complements the PIONEER collection. In the deepest Black Forest, in the picturesque town of Gütenbach, the watchmakers of the more than 140 years old company Hanhart manufacture every single piece of the new PIONEER Silva. With a diameter of 38.5 mm and a case height of 10 mm the watch is a great daily wear. The design is reduced to the essentials, sleek and flat. The uncluttered dial combines modern design with classic elements.

45mm Models

Different straps available for some models

PIONEER TwinDicator

The TwinDicator is the exclusive highlight of the PIONEER collection. This is thanks to the extraordinary way in which the characteristic design of the display has been realised in terms of technology and aesthetics, with two auxiliary dials at 3 o’clock and 9 o’clock. The exclusive and complex conversion of the automatic Calibre enables both of these displays to be placed right on the edge of the large dial, which is housed in a case measuring 45 millimetres in diameter. In addition, the small round display at 9 o’clock is not simply reserved for the small seconds, as would normally be the case, but at the same time accommodates a practical 12-hour counter.


Just like its legendary predecessors produced by Hanhart, the PIONEER  MonoScope features a single button for controlling the entire range of  chronograph functions. This new model from the PIONEER collection also  bears another striking hallmark of the early precision timepieces made  by the Swiss-German watch brand in the widely spaced arrangement of its  small seconds and 30-minute counter displays.

42mm Models

Different straps available for some models


The Pioneer One is the latest model in the Pioneer family and captivates with its classic details.

PIONEER TwinControl

The PIONEER TwinControl is inspired by Hanhart’s first pilot chronographs with the “Calibre 41” movement with column wheel and flyback function from 1939. In addition to the unmistakable bicompax design of the dial, it is distinguished by the typical characteristics of a Hanhart chronograph. The upper chronograph button, positioned asymmetrically towards the lug, is especially striking and is a feature unique to this watch manufacturer. No less striking is the red reset pusher, Hanhart’s trademark feature from 1939 onwards.

PIONEER MonoControl

The PIONEER MonoControl is reminiscent of the first mono-pusher chronograph produced by Hanhart. In as early as 1938, the brand designed a mono-pusher precision chronograph for naval officers which featured Hanhart’s own “Calibre 40”. The technical design with a single pusher is also the trademark feature of the PIONEER MonoControl. This meant that the automatic Calibre used had to be redesigned slightly in Hanhart’s own workshops.

40mm Models

Different straps available for some models


The PIONEER Mk I is the replica of the “Calibre 40”, the first precision chronograph produced by Hanhart in 1938. All of the chronograph functions on this unconventional model – start, stop and zero setting – are performed by a single button and always strictly follow each other. Unlike its two-button equivalent, the seconds hand on this chronograph cannot be restarted from the point at which it is stopped; the next press of the button invariably returns the spring to the original starting point. This meant that the automatic Calibre used for the Mk I also had to be redesigned slightly.


The Pioneer Mk II is based on Hanhart’s first pilot’s chronographs, produced in 1939. It has two buttons, with the top button arranged asymmetrically and the lower reset button in a striking red colour.


The PIONEER TachyTele features in addition to the stop function two practical scales which are easily readable against the dial, thanks to their red finish: the tachymeter scale for measuring average speeds is incorporated in the centre of the dial in a spiral formation. As this scale allows for a total of three revolutions of the stop indicator hand, it considerably extends the measurement range, enabling even relatively slow speeds of 60 km/h down to 20 km/h to be measured. The telemeter scale, which is printed on the peripheral edge of the dial, is used for measuring distances, taking into account the speed of sound.

PIONEER Preventor9

All of the models from the PIONEER collection evoke historic watches made by Hanhart, and the PIONEER Preventor9 is no exception. Its distinctive trademark: the small seconds at 9 o’clock.


  • Asymmetrical push button arrangement or single pusher conversion
  • Flat bezel or fluted rotating bezel with red marker
  • Super-LumiNova® coated numerals and hands
  • Leather strap with rivets or stainless steel bracelet
  • Screwed-down case back
  • Red ceramic coated pusher

The PIONEER Collection

PIONEER is our line of traditional pilot chronographs – designed for collectors, enthusiasts as well as old and new Hanhart fans.

Even historical models of legendary pilot‘s chronographs from the 1930s, have not lost their charm. These watches still provoke true enthusiasm among watch collectors, primarily because of their significant history: Aviation chronographs were exposed to excessive vibrations, large variations in temperature and many other adverse conditions. Today, these technical details contribute to the fascination of these pieces.

Modelled after these traditional pilot chronograph watches, the PIONEER series embodies a faithful tribute to Hanhart‘s long tradition and expertise in the field of mechanical precision timekeeping. At first glance, the distinctive characteristics of a classic Hanhart chronograph are immediately apparent: the asymmetrical button arrangement, the red reset button, and depending on the model the fluted rotating bezel and the timeless leather strap with satin riveting.

This unique combination of traditional design elements and modern build quality is embodied in each Hanhart PIONEER watch.